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Come one, come all to the annual Sandgrinder sprints taking place on the deserts of Teus! Soon, every self-respecting UAC citizen will venture out of the ventpits to spectate the Number One Sporting Event in the Galaxy! Witness daring teams of fighters, racers and fixers go head to head, pitting their scratch-built Dry Rods head-to-head in a no-holds-barred, exceedingly exhilarating, acceleratingly audacious sprint from HabPit 00 to 01! With the whole of the two cities going all out on the tourism event of the year, there’ll be no shortage of spectacle for your and your family come raceweek! Feeling lucky? There are still slots available on the line-up for the starting-grid! Build your own Dry-Rod as a team, or come to find engineers looking for Drivers for your chance to win the grand prize, a Vega Aerospace Intercepter 27-2! Other prizes include riches, unparalleled fame, and more!


The Concierge requires the assistance of a professional and discerning freelance groups to assist with several outstanding bailiff cases. Contractors may be recquired to locate, acquire, and possibly apprehend assets that have been foreclosed by the Syndicate. Applicants must have professional skills, solid problem-solving and initiative, and must have good credit scores. Due to the nature of asset recovery, the Syndicate withdraws all liability for any damages to persons or equipment that may occur on behalf of foreclosed clients. Report to a Concierge Help Station on Phemno for more details.


Valuable information stored on the data core of a ship believed to have been lost on the surface of Protist. Looking for suitable individuals to locatem, retrieve and return this data. Contact Mr. Janak Fenron at Delta Corporation Head Office. WARNING: Possible hostile flora/fauna on Protist surface.


Looking for penetration testing team to test physical and digital security of data centre. Looking for team to gain access to central secure facility and gain unauthorised access to protected datasets. Discretion and expertise required. Looking for pentesters that are not afraid to think below the surface.